2012 July


Q: In your opinion, what is the most important piece of equipment for riding on circuit?   A: Well, apart from my wife (she’s sitting next to me right now) and protective equipment, I would rate tyres as the most…

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Physical Training

Q: What physical training should a rider (racer) focus on?   A: I liked this question because as a racer, I spent my whole career trying to find what works the best. Its not until very late in your career…

Simon says…. Suspension

Q: How much difference does good suspension make?   A: If you have an old sports bike with suspension that has not been freshened up for years (many hours riding), it will be dangerous to push hard and go fast….

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Simon says…. Sponsorship

Q: Hi Simon. It is harder and harder to get sponsors to invest money into this amazing sport especially in the initial times of racing. Any advice how to attract them without having any rich friends? Thanks A: This is…