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Shane Stratton on Nutrition

Simon Crafar talks nutrition with Shane Stratton, Mr Universe 1995.

“I love learning from Shane about nutrition, I hope you do to”

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23 September, 2016 in  Nutrition


Hi Simon,

Enjoyed the nutrition video with Shane.
Was able to understand it all. Well done.
Gave me a boost. Oatmeal it is every morning!

Hope all is well.

Vancouver, Canada

oh dear.. not all accurate. ‘Majority’ wheat intolerant? No (do a bit of research). Only water? err.. any moisture counts as water and replacing electrolytes (energy drinks to a point) is a good idea even if they are artificial minerals after exercise or during. Strange comment like strawberries using more energy to digest than what they provide… not helpful?? Bananas make you fat.. again.. really? The more I listen the worse it gets really… 🙁 (beer, steak, racing, music and friends…. that’s all that’s needed)

Hi Steve, Shane is providing the information that works for himself and the riders he works with. Like everything on our website you are welcome to take as little or much from it as you want. If beer and steak works for you, great.

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