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List of events


  • 22-24  Nov ’19      Jerez                        Track Sense/Bike Prom  FULL
  • 6 – 8     Dec ’19      Andalucia                Track Sense/ Bike Prom FULL
  • 2 – 5     Jan ’20      Almeria/Andalucia/Espana      Bike Promotion
  • 16-19   Jan ‘ 20     Jerez                         Track Sense/Bike Promotion FULL
  • 28-30  Jan ’20     Valencia                    Bike Promotion FULL
  • 26-28  Apr ’20     Almeria                     Track Sense/Bike Promotion FULL
  • More dates for early 2020 coming soon…..

One to One Instruction with Simon Crafar

Enjoy one to one instruction with Simon Crafar.  Using the Motovudu methodology Simon will work with you one to one, not only on circuit but in the garage with video analysis and detailed debriefs to enable you to reach your riding goals.  All the valuable techniques and insight gained from working with Simon are transferable to every track you ride on.  It is a great investment towards helping you to become a faster and safer rider.  Simon’s passion for his sport and warm, approachable manner will make your day not only enjoyable but confidence inspiring.

Your day will include:

  • Motovudu instruction programme tailored for your specific needs
  •  On-circuit coaching with Simon (number of sessions determined by instruction package)
  • Comprehensive on board video analysis and debrief
  • Notes and video footage to take away

We offer two levels of instruction:  Comprehensive and Ultimate.  A detailed explanation of each package can be found in our store.

Check out our instruction trailer!

Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost?

We offer two instruction packages: Comprehensive and Ultimate.  Costing and details can be found here.  Simon Crafar Instruction

Track time must be purchased through the event organiser, whom is listed after the event date.  Events Calendar

Bike rental is not include in the instruction fee.

What level of rider do I have to be?

We work with all levels of riders but in order to be safe and get the most out of your instruction we recommend that you, at the minimum, have enough previous riding experience to confidently control the motorcycle around the track at low speed.  We can help you from there.

We also work with advanced riders and racers.

Do I need my own motorcycle?

You will need a motorcycle to receive instruction from us.

We do offer a rental service for motorcycles, for our fly and ride clients or clients whom would prefer to use one of our track prepared Suzuki motorcycles.

Do you have a system of compulsory riding levels to work through?

No.  We believe every rider is an individual, has different riding goals and learns at a different speeds and in different ways.  We only teach one to one and specifically tailor our Motovudu instruction to each individual so they can achieve the most out of their time.