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Very informative. Good to see the bike control from Simon. A different approach to what i got told at css. Cant wait to try it out. Hopefully have a motovudu lesson in the future.


Real easy to follow. I personally picked up on 4 issues that are hindering my riding. Cant wait to get on track to iron them out. Wish i could get out on a session with him!

Unknown customer

Great instruction and pointers. Reinforces the concept of simplify your riding…don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Helps focus rather than complicating things which gives you perceptual narrowing.


Simons capability as a race pilot is indisputable. What is really impressiv is his ability to bring on his knowledge on to others in a very clear, understandable and pleasant way. Simon creats confidence, better and safer riding technique, far better race lines and in the end of the day MUCH better lap times. No matter what level you are on, Simon takes you seriously, motivates you and makes you a better rider.

Geir Gustav

Truely the best instructional dvd out there. Grippingly good, Simon crafar takes you through the tricks of riding, you will be shocked how it changes your riding


I have watched the dvd and started reading the book , but at this stage i haven’t completed it yet,i have yet to put the theory into practice ,but have a track day next weekend so will work on a few new ideas to see if this will help to shave time of my will keep you informed.

Stephen Rigg

I wish I could have the same instruction-video for the the racetrack in Cartagena. Simon Crafar is very authentical. I blieve every word!

Wolfgang Riehl

This instructional DVD has given me all I need and more.  Simon has tips for everyone at all levels and you’ll be lapping faster while finding it easier, a master class broken down for all to understand and must have DVD for ALL bikers out there.


I purchased the video a few months before going to Almeria with Tracksense\ Bike Promotion. I helped me to shave off 9 seconds from my previouse lap-time. Some of this was down practice and tips picked up from previous one-to-one instruction with Simon at the Circuit d’Alcarràs but a lot of it was down to this video, it gives you the tools to get strait to work chipping away at your times from day one.

Justin Reeve

Gave thought to the instructions when lapping round Donington, and made me quicker and improved my confidence.

Unknown customer

hallo simon, hallo steve, vielen dank für diese super veranstaltung! ich ärgere mich, dass ich dieses event nicht schon jahre früher gebucht habe!!!! die 3 tage brno 2014 haben mir mehr gebracht als 10 jahre rennstrecke learning by doing. kein gekrampfe, kein muskelkater, keine unvorhergesehenen gefahrenmomente mehr. statt dessen ein breites grinsen im gesicht, viel mehr spaß beim fahren und ausprobieren und vor allem viel sicherer viel schneller geworden, und das nach nur zwei halben tagen instruktion! die t-shirts sehen hammergeil aus und ihr seid einfach spitze, DANKEDANKEDANKE!!! euer neuer fan aus deutschland, torsten mäder

Torsten Mäder

What an experience!!!, was my first time instructed by Simon, i have not enought word to express how i enjoyed his way to teach and all the knowledge that he transmits in every comment and in every lap. I improved a lot of things and more than now i have in mind to put it in practice in the next races and track days. As i promised to you i will keep you informed about how goes in the races. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR KNOWLEDGE BUDDY!! FULL GASSSSS


Reading the 1st and now the 2nd book has made me a must better rider. I was never afraid of crashing or keeping it pined no matter where , but after reading the book , I was faster without a sinlge crash in a full year- just to test the difference I did it – my way the last qualifying of 2013 and crashed BADLY this year , I will stick to following the books

Marcus A

Michael Neeves
MCN Senior Road Tester & MRO Powerbike Competitior

Simon has give me loads to think about in my riding this year and two things have really struck a chord: sitting right over the front of the bike in the corners and screaming the bejesus out of the engine, using the gears more.  Just these two things have given me more confidence entering the corners, nice tight lines in them and great drive out of them.  I can now spin the rear wheel now, too.  It’s helped me in my day job as road tester for MCN and my MRO Powerbike race results have improved hugely too and my mantelpiece has never seen so many trophies!  It’s like I’ve discovered a huge missing piece of the jigsaw.  I’m looking forward to bending your ear again for the next step up soon!

Neil Hodgson
British Superbike Champion 2000, World Superbike Champion 2003, MotoGP Commentator BTSport

I first saw Simon all the way back in 1992 at Thruxton.  He was riding a Castrol Honda Superbike in the British Championship.  It was damp and I walked over to the pit wall, I was about 18 years old and a new comer to road racing.  All I can says what I saw that day has stuck with me for the last 19 years!  Simon balls out, wide open, sideways every lap!!!  I remember thinking to myself F*%K that guy and ride.

Over the next 15 years I became a friend of Simon’s and as we all know he reached the pinnacle of the sport (to win a 500GP race), something I could only ever dream of.

After a long career, Simon hung his boots up as all great riders have to do at some point.  I know Simon still has a great passion for the sport and I think he found his calling in teaching how to ride a motorcycle fast.  You will have to go a long way to find a more experienced, driven, hard working, genuine or kind person than Simon.

Mike Webb
Race Director MotoGP™, Dorna

Having a varied perspective on Simon’s career I feel uniquely qualified to write a few words here.  I have known him in many different roles; from first employing him in the early 80’s, being his crew chief in World Superbikes, to a competitor in 500 GPs and always a good friend.

There are a few fast and talented riders in the world and a very few of the best end up in our small world of GP racing.  All of this elite group has the talent, skill and bravery to explore that find line of control separating stunning speed from disaster.  But if is truly a rarity to find one with the ability to explain clearly to you and me what it is that they do on the bike, how it is possible to make it go so fast.  Simon has that rare gift.  Clear, straight-to-the-point and entertaining, it’s obvious that Simon enjoys his work and wants us to as well.

Christian Lay

Forget everything else, invest in training yourself to ride safer and faster. 5 Star Review

First up I just want to say that forget about having the latest BMW or R1 with carbon bodywork, tuned engine and so forth, don't get me wrong if I had enough money I would most probably get one. INVEST IN TRAINING YOURSELF. I have done 2 sessions with Simon at Valencia and Almeria and it is without doubt the best thing I could have spent my money on. I started riding on track a year ago. I ride a reasonable bike with no aids and it has good tyres, brakes and suspension and I certainly have the enthusiasm and motivation to go fast. That said in my first year I had a big high side at Catalunya that resulted in broken bones and no income for 5 weeks....not something I can afford. After this I looked at what I was doing and decided that there was no way I was giving up but that I needed to do it more safely, gain greater knowledge and reduce my risks. This is where Simon came in. I'm a pretty intense guy when I want to do something and Simon is an amazing instructor and judge of ability that never gives up on giving you 100% of what he can. I have seen him work brilliantly with riders of all abilities, so whether you are intense (like me!) or not the best listener, nervous, scared or whatever Simon will work tirelessly to get the best out of you. We worked together analysing my lines, throttle control, body positioning, braking and corner entry, corner exits and when to put power down, accuracy and bike placement, tyre choices and so forth. Then on track we worked at it until we rode behind one another like metronomes, going that little bit faster each time only when it was safer to do so. On my last session (which was free by the way as Simon felt we hadn't quite got to the desired place with me and my tuition) it all clicked. Several consecutively fast and safe laps that lead to that state of euphoria that money just cannot buy. Destroyed slicks, huge smiles, big hugs, massive wheelies (from Simon) and John Reynolds in a very gentlemanly way saying that he could not keep up at the end which we all know isn't true 🙂 Whether you are slow, inter, fast or racer please book a session with this guy. I promise he will make you safer and faster and it will be the best money you spend at your track day. The MotoVudu sticker has pride of place on my bike now.