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Nutrition for Motorcycle Riders

What to eat... what not to eat?

We can help you reach your nutrition goals, whether you want to shake off a few pounds, put a few on, or simply sustain good energy levels through races, trackdays or training.  We reached out to the man whom reached the very top of a sport which is all about nutrition…. Shane Stratton.

Meet Shane Stratton

Shane won Mr Universe in 1995.   There’s not much he doesn’t know about food and how it affects the body. Shane expertise is nutrition and training but his passion lies with everything two wheels.  He rides Motocross and Supermoto regularly and also enjoys trackdays and has raced all three disciplines in the past. He now works with current World Superbike, MotoGP and Speedway riders helping them reach their fitness, strength and nutrition targets.

Basic Guidelines For Good Nutrition

Shane has been kind enough to let us in on his golden rules of good eating.  These 7 basic rules are not just a ‘diet’, following them will help fast track you to making healthy eating and good nutrition a way of life.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our FREE Good Foods List which you can download below.  The Good Foods List is put together by Shane to give you examples of the foods that you should embrace and those you should avoid.

• “If you can’t kill it, pick it or grow it don’t eat it” Try and eat the most natural and freshest food you can.

• Try and break your daily food intake into 5 smaller meals rather than 3 large ones in order to speed up your metabolism.

• Select low glycemic index complex carbohydrates over high glycemic carbohydrates, see the list for examples of Low GI carbohydrates to avoid blood sugar spikes for your first 3 meals of the day.

• For the last 2 meals of the day swap to fibrous carbohydrates.

• Select a good quality protein in each meal. Chicken, fish and meat have roughly the same amount of protein per 100g, they just vary in ease of digestion.

• For snacks Shane recommends nuts and fruit (see the food list for ‘good’ fruits)

• Try to drink at least three litres of water per day (you can add natural lemon juice for flavour)

Simon Crafar talks with Shane Stratton about nutrition and training.

Shane's Diet and Training plans...

Choose the plan below that best suits your needs ….

This option caters specifically to you and your personal and or lifestyle/sporting goals. A detailed questionnaire allows Shane to understand your current eating habits and physical condition so he can then produce a healthy eating plan that not only suits your lifestyle and specific goals but is also achievable for you.

All this for the low price of €120 – ORDER HERE

If you don’t have the time, money or need for a personal trainer then this alternative is for you. Once the detailed questionnaire is filled out Shane can then then get to work on a comprehensive personalised Diet program to suit exactly what you need to achieve your specific goals (as described in Comprehensive Diet Plan). At the same time to complement the diet, he will design specifically for you a personalised physical training program. Both programs will aim to be effective and achievable for you as individual.

Price a bargain €200

Free Download: Good Foods List